01/19/2016 04:09 EST | Updated 01/19/2017 05:12 EST

Helo, RCMP Puppy Recruit, Dies After Eating Rope And Rocks In Nova Scotia

HALIFAX — An RCMP plan to document the lives of two German shepherd puppies during their training has ended sadly for one of the canine recruits.

The Halifax division announced Tuesday one of the pups — Helo — has died after ingesting rope and rocks.

Const. Mark Skinner says the accident occurred as the puppy pursued his natural tendency to chew on objects.

Helo was the more vocal and bouncy of the two pups that captured many hearts when they appeared before the media four weeks ago as examples of the training program.

Skinner says when Helo ate the rope and rocks it caused scarring of his intestines, and the damage couldn't be repaired despite three surgical procedures.

The spokesman says the progress of Helo's brother Hamer will continue to be shown on Facebook and Twitter postings by the police force.

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