Toddler Thinks Dad Is Hilarious When He Tries To Explain Snow

We wish he was joking, kid.

An adorable toddler thinks her dad’s explanation of snow is beyond ridiculous and can’t stop laughing. In a YouTube video that was posted to Reddit, the Massachusetts father explains to his daughter: “Snow falls from the sky and it blankets everything.”

The little girl immediately bursts out laughing at this hilarious insinuation. “Daddy’s funny,” she says.

Watch the clip above to see the toddler crack up at the concept of snow.

On Reddit, the dad wrote, “Toddler daughter isn't buying my CRAZY theory about snow...” Since being posted on Friday, the clip has been viewed over 1.7 million times.

In regards to the video, the dad told ABC, “We're still waiting for the next big snowfall so that I can finally prove my crazy theory! At this point, I've asked her how she thinks the snow got on the ground and her answer has been, ‘from the trees!’”

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