01/20/2016 05:14 EST | Updated 01/21/2016 10:59 EST

Here's Why John Scott Deserves To Be An NHL All-Star

After days of backlash, the NHL will allow John Scott to participate in the 2016 All-Star game in Nashville on Jan. 31.

Hockey fans voted in enforcer John Scott as captain for the Pacific Division through the league's online voting system. This sparked a slew of criticism on social media where some said the 33-year-old wasn't the right fit for a captain.

"Maybe you don’t want to help people crap on a sport that’s earned you a lot of money and included you in 285 regular season games because you’re 6-foot-8 and can punch," wrote Damien Cox in an article for Sportsnet.

"Or, let the pranksters get their way. Let the NHL be a joke. It’s your call."

Canadian-born Scott, known as one of the league's top grinders, has achieved five goals, six assists 542 penalty minutes in 285 NHL games, according to the Globe and Mail.

After a bizarre trade on Jan. 15 that sent the Arizona Coyotes left winger to the Montreal Canadiens and eventually down to the St. John's IceCaps, the team's AHL affiliate, it looks like Scott's chances of going to the All-Stars were dead.

But then the NHL released a statement announcing it would in fact allow Scott to captain the Pacific Division team.

HuffPost Canada studios sat down with sports blogger Pat Iversen to talk about what this means for the hockey player and the league.

Watch the full interview above to find out more.

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