01/20/2016 12:34 EST

Ontario Driver Busted For Driving Snow-Covered Car Like This

"Can't make this stuff up."

An 80-year-old driver in Southern Ontario was slapped with a $110 fine Tuesday after the thick slab of snow covering his car caught the attention of police.

Ontario Provincial Police shared a picture of the car on Twitter, showing it buried under approximately 20 centimetres of snow and its windshield covered — with a small clearing on the driver’s side.

“Can't make this stuff up,” reads the tweet from police. “Driver charged today in Brussels actually driving like this.”

Provincial police shared this photo of a semi-cleared snow-covered car. (Photo: OPP West/Twitter)

OPP media spokesperson James Stanley told HuffPost Canada the driver explained to the officer he was “too old and weak to brush off the entire windshield.”

Up to 60 centimetres of snow blanketed the Huron region Monday evening. So in the name of road safety, police used the picture to remind people to take the extra few minutes to clean off cars after snow dumps.

The man was also charged under The Highway Traffic Act for having “no clear view.”

Stanley said the takeaway lesson is to make sure all windows and mirrors are clear before any vehicle is in motion.

“Be a responsible and safe driver,” he said in an email. “Take a few minutes in this case to remove the snow rather than putting yourself and everyone else that uses the road at risk of a collision.”

After the 80-year-old driver was handed the ticket, the officer helped the man clear away the snow on his car.

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