01/21/2016 11:20 EST | Updated 01/21/2017 00:12 EST

Catholic archbishop slams school trustees for backing Alberta's LGBTQ plan

Edmonton's Catholic archbishop is the latest to weigh in on Alberta's plan for schools to draw up rules protecting LGBTQ students, particularly transgender children.

Richard Smith says in a letter that some Catholic school trustees who support the plan have caused what he calls "harm and hostility" and betrayed the people who voted for them.

Smith says Catholics are supposed to respect their bodies as God created them.

Last week, the province delivered a set of guidelines that it wants school districts to adopt, including allowing transgender students to use the washroom of their choice.

Calgary Bishop Fred Henry issued a letter a day later condemning the government's plan and calling it "totalitarian."

Alberta's 61 school boards have until the end of March to submit draft copies of their policies for government review.