01/21/2016 13:48 EST | Updated 01/21/2017 00:12 EST

Husband of Burkina Faso victim says he hung up on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

MONTREAL — The husband of one of the Quebecers killed in the Burkina Faso terrorist attack says he hung up on Justin Trudeau when the prime minister called him earlier this week.

Yves Richard tells Montreal radio station 98.5 FM he was frustrated about what he called Trudeau's platitudes during their conversation Monday.

Richard says he told Trudeau to hug his wife and children and that he then put down the phone on the prime minister.

Richard's wife, Maude Carrier, was one of the six Quebecers killed in an attack perpetrated last week by al-Qaida militants.

Earlier this week, Carrier's mother urged Trudeau to keep Canadian fighter planes involved in the war on terrorism the Middle East.

Camille Carrier, whose ex-husband Yves Carrier also was killed, said she was ashamed by Trudeau's pledge to pull the six CF-18 jet fighters.

The Canadian Press