01/21/2016 14:33 EST | Updated 01/21/2017 00:12 EST

New anti-tax political party taking shape in Manitoba as election looms

WINNIPEG — A new political party taking shape in Manitoba is promising massive tax cuts.

The Manitoba Party has filed registration forms with Elections Manitoba and aims to be a contender in the April 19 provincial election.

The party's platform includes a promise to cut the provincial sales tax to five per cent from eight and to institute a flat income tax of 10 per cent.

Party president Gary Marshall says lower tax rates would boost the economy and create jobs.

The party is already lining up candidates and has an interim leader in Taz Stuart, who used to head the City of Winnipeg's mosquito-fighting program.

Other prospective candidates include former Liberals Joe Chan and Bob Axworthy, as well as local child welfare advocate Kim Edwards.


The Canadian Press