01/22/2016 01:14 EST | Updated 03/27/2017 06:26 EDT

Genius Baby Names: Top 10 Monikers Given To Ridiculously Smart People

These are the names most commonly associated to brilliant minds. Perfect for your little Einstein!

All parents want their children to be smart and successful and often, moms and dads try to choose baby names to reflect that. While choosing a specific moniker might not make your child an instant Einstein, genealogy website MooseRoots found that there are some names that are more common among geniuses than others.

To come up with their findings, MooseRoots looked at 14,750 first names of “notable philosophers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, inventors, artists, composers, Nobel laureates and MacArthur fellows.” As a result, the site found that classic names were the biggest trend among famous thinkers.

Although the data for girls’ names is skewed (female geniuses were historically underrepresented), the list below reveals the baby names most commonly associated with brilliant minds. So if you want to start your little one on the path to success, consider one of these monikers below.

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While baby names have no effect on a child’s intelligence, it's interesting to note that people with common names, like the ones above, are more likely to be hired. According to a study from Marquette University in Wisconsin, this was because least unique names were considered the most likeable. Now parents who love classic monikers can rest easy knowing there’s a benefit to giving their child an “ordinary” name.

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