01/22/2016 02:08 EST | Updated 01/22/2016 02:59 EST

Georgia Lottery Winner Killed In Home Invasion

A Georgia man who won a C$600,000 lottery jackpot last November has been killed.

20-year-old Craigory Burch, Jr., died overnight Thursday after he was shot during a home invasion, according to WRBL.

His girlfriend Jasmine Hendricks told WALB three masked men ran inside their home after the door was shot open.

"When they came in, he said, 'Don't do it bro. Don't do it in front of my kids. Please don't do it in front of my kids and old lady. Please don't do that bro. Please don't. He said I'll give you my bank card," she said.

He threw the men his pants, but they couldn't find his wallet and shot and killed him.

Hendricks said she's sure they were after his jackpot. According to friends, Burch used some of his winnings to buy Christmas gifts for the needy.

In a December news release after claiming his prize, Burch said he knew he would be a winner.

"My right eye and hand had jumped for the past two weeks," he said.

No suspects have been named. This isn't the first case involving the suspicious death of a lottery winner.

46-year-old Urooj Khan died in 2012 after he was poisoned with cyanide. The Chicago man had won over C$600,000 and did not leave a will.

Watch the video above to learn more about Burch's death.

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