01/25/2016 12:42 EST | Updated 01/27/2016 11:59 EST

'Be Like Bill' Is The Latest Internet Meme That Questions Human Habits

Chances are by now you've seen several variations of the 'Be Like Bill' meme on your social media feeds — the latest Internet trend that picks on poor etiquette.

The meme, which users are creating on, features stick figures named Bill or Emily (or in some cases, stick figures with your name) who point out every day bad habits like oversharing photos on social media, not complimenting your friends enough and even makes fun of people who constantly post status updates about relationships.

be like bill

be like bill meme

be like bill

And although we agree with Bill for the most part — yes, all of these things are annoying — it is counterproductive to overshare the same meme that wants you to stop oversharing.

While most social media users just want to see their results, some have even created their own memes which bash the typical 'Be Like Bill' photos. In fact, there's even a "Don't Be Like Bill or Emily," Facebook page dedicated to making (we think) even funnier memes.

be like bill

dont be like bill or emily

Other variations of #BeLikeBill also include #BeLikeQodos, a viral Facebook page in Afghanistan that encourages users to do good, NBC News notes.

But with every Internet meme also comes some element of stupidity, and we've seen plenty of terrible ones, including sexist versions like this:

Don't be like Emily! Credits : Anonymous