01/25/2016 04:02 EST | Updated 01/25/2016 04:59 EST

WATCH: 10 Hairstyles Girls With Curly Hair Will Love

Got curly hair? You probably hear "oh my goodness, your hair is just goooorgeous! I would DIE for it!" at least five times a day. And you? You're over it. Because having those tight, long curls on your head can be straight-up annoying.

We get it. The options are limited when it comes to styling those precious locks of yours. Finding chic curly 'dos that are manageable is basically impossible.

But the team at BuzzFeed are proving that your curly hair doesn't have to be your enemy. In the video above, 10 stunning hairstyles are created, from half-up waterfalls to upside down braids, and everything in between, to prove that your natural curls can be just perfect the way they are.

Grab those pins and hairbrush and get watching!

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