01/25/2016 07:05 EST | Updated 01/25/2016 07:59 EST

Northern Lights Illuminate Canada In NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly's Photos

Canada is a beautiful country from any angle — and this is no exception.

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly shared a series of breathtaking photos of the northern lights over the Pacific Northwest from the International Space Station (ISS) last week.

Auroras happen when "gaseous particles in the Earth's atmosphere [collide] with charged particles from the sun's atmosphere," according to the Northern Lights Centre.

The resulting lights are coloured differently depending on the kinds of particles that are smashing into each other.

Kelly, an American astronaut, began a year-long tour aboard the ISS in March.

His trip, known as the "One Year Mission," involves studying the effects of "prolonged weightlessness on the human body," in what's being called a "stepping stone to future missions to Mars and beyond."

And his tour has involved sharing plenty more spectacular photos, like this one:

More morning's #aurora! #YearInSpace #green #glow #northernlights #space #spacestation #iss

A photo posted by Scott Kelly (@stationcdrkelly) on

He also shared this video seven months ago:

But the northern lights aren't Kelly's only stock in trade.

He also posted this picture from over the Bahamas on Instagram:

A splash of #EarthArt over the #Bahamas! #YearInSpace #blue #earth #art #ocean #space #spacestation #iss

A photo posted by Scott Kelly (@stationcdrkelly) on

And this one, of a gorgeous sunrise:

Here are more photos of auroras that Kelly has taken from space:

The dance of #aurora. #YearInSpace #northernlights #space #spacestation #iss #cosmos #lights

A photo posted by Scott Kelly (@stationcdrkelly) on

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