01/26/2016 02:14 EST | Updated 01/27/2016 03:59 EST

The Mystery Of The Small Jean Pocket Has Finally Been Solved

So THAT's what it's for!

Ever since we received our first pair of jeans as a child, we've wondered what the hell is the purpose of that little teeny-tiny pocket that sits right above the regular pocket at the front of our pants.

Seriously, it's something we think about, but no one talks about. Is it for pennies? Paper clips? Our hope and dreams?

The answer is a big nope to all of the above.

It turns out, the tiny little pocket is — wait for it — a watch pocket.


Back in the day, jeans had four pockets, according to Levi Strauss' blog. Only one in back, two in the front and that small watch pocket we speak of. Originally designed for men (or cowboys, as Perth Now points out) to protect their pocket watches, the extra pouch went on to serve many more functions. From holding tickets to condoms, matches to coins, the pocket did and has done many wonders for many people.

HuffPost Style reports that the burning question arose this week after "curious minds re-discovered a Quora thread in which users have discussed this mysterious fifth pocket for years."

Case solved. We're out.

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