01/27/2016 03:50 EST | Updated 01/30/2016 10:59 EST

Kanye West Throws Major Shade At Wiz Khalifa, Admires His 'Cool Pants' While Doing So


This just in: Kanye West confirms Wiz Khalifa wears cool pants, gets distracted from his creative process while doing so.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Internet became a battleground when Kanye "I wish I was skinny and tall" West took to his favourite diary — sorry, we mean social media platform — Twitter, to share a few choice words with fellow rapper, Wiz Khalifa.

Long story short (seriously, there were 32 ranting tweets, many of which have been deleted), we learned that #Wizwearscoolpants.

Yes, besides dropping a Kimoji and claiming he made it possible for dudes like Wiz to wear tight jeans, Yeezy totally gets ~style inspo~ from the "See You Again" artist.

Now the question is, which "cool pants" is Kanye referring to? We investigate:

1. The Twitter Picture Cool Pants?

2. The Sundance Cool Pants?

3. Playoff Fantasy Football Cool Pants?

4. The Golden Globes Cool Pants?

5. The Bombay Sapphire Gin Cool Pants?

🔋💸📈 🔋💸📈

— Complex (@ComplexMag) January 11, 2016

6. The Art Basel Cool Pants?

7. The American Music Awards Cool Pants?

8. The Wesley Snipes Cool Pants?

9. The "Not A Costume" Cool Pants?

10. The Partying With A$AP Rocky In Belgium Cool Pants?

11. The Camo Cool Pants?

Now, we turn to you, dear readers: Which one of Wiz's "cool pants" do you think Kanye is referring to?

And Kanye, if you are reading this, please confirm with us which pants you are ranting about. We'd love to know.

Sending positive energy to everyone involved.

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