01/27/2016 03:11 EST | Updated 01/27/2016 03:59 EST

La Loche Shooting Victim Is Recovering, Will Come Home Soon: Sister

"We are all going to be there for her in any way possible."


LA LOCHE, Sask. — A woman whose sister was wounded in last week's shooting at a school in La Loche, Sask., says her sibling is doing well and should be able to come home soon.

The woman — who can't be named because of a court order prohibiting the publication of any information that might identify those who were wounded — just happened to be at the La Loche hospital for an appointment on Friday afternoon.

She watched as the first emergency vehicles carrying the seven injured arrived, not knowing her sister was in one of those ambulances.

Another woman in the waiting area told her about the shooting at a home and the school — which left four people dead — and she asked if the woman knew who had been hurt.

"I was given a name, and I just thought, 'well, my sister does hang out with this girl,' '' she told radio station CKOM on Tuesday.

She went to the emergency area and quickly learned her sister had been shot. At first, all sorts of thoughts raced through her mind, but she decided the best thing to do was to stay calm.

"That was the only way to be. And once I finally saw her and she was not as seriously injured, I was glad to see that.''

"We are all going to be there for her in any way possible."

She said the next step will be making sure her sister gets the help she needs to try and move past the tragedy. A big part of that will be reassuring her sister that she'll be protected.

"We are all going to be there for her in any way possible, and make sure she gets back to being 'normal,' whatever that may be,'' she said.

Since the shooting, the woman has poured much of her time into helping with nightly prayer gatherings held at local community halls. She said the work has helped keep her steady, and for the most part, her concerns lie with helping all the people whose lives have been upended by the shooting.

She said that support extends to the family of the 17-year-old boy accused of the shooting. While she said she didn't know the boy well, her relationship with the family goes back decades.

"They're a great family. The grandparents are wonderful people and they're a hard-working family,'' she said.

"I feel terrible for them, they are going through a lot right now ... I just want them to know that we are all thinking of them.''

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