Coconut Wraps Benefits: The Perks Of Switching To This Low-Carb Alternative

The kale of the wrap world.

Not only do coconut wraps keep you from feeling bloated, but they serve as ahealthier low-carb alternative to bread or tortillas.

Coconut is rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals and the same goes for coconut wraps. Although some nutrients are lost in the dehydration process to make them, they are still healthier than traditional flour wraps.

Coconut wraps can be made at home fairly easily by placing coconut meat and sea salt into a food processor until it becomes mush, then adding coconut water until it becomes spreadable. Spread the coconut batter on parchment and place into a dehydrator until the wrap is dry but still pliable.

Since the wraps are made mainly from coconuts and with a bit of sea salt, they don't carry the same additives as regular wraps, with some brands having a shelf life of up to nine months.

Watch the video above to find out how coconut wraps can help you deal with stress.

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