01/30/2016 11:16 EST | Updated 01/30/2017 00:12 EST

Kids ask Hillary Clinton the darndest things

DES MOINES, Iowa — Some of Hillary Clinton's standout moments in the presidential campaign have been with children. They ask her about everything from bullying to pet preferences.

And that's when the disciplined campaigner is more apt to speak from the heart than the head.

Before about 700 people at an Iowa high school last month, a grade-schooler asked Clinton what she'd do about bullying.

The girl said people have been talking behind her back about not wanting to be near her because she has asthma.

Clinton opened her arms for a hug and said it's "important to stand up to bullies" everywhere.

There have been light moments, too. Elsewhere in Iowa, a child asked Clinton about pets.

She said she's got a labradoodle and a toy poodle, and may get another lab.

Catherine Lucey, The Associated Press