Snoop Dogg Is Ready To Become The 'Planet Earth' Host Of Our Dreams

"What is these animals?"

"Planet Earth" needs Snoop Dogg, and we need Snoop Dogg on "Planet Earth".

A petition cropped up two weeks ago with a simple request: that Snoop Dogg be added to BBC's nature show roster as a resident narrator.

The rapper and entrepreneur lent his commentary for a parody segment on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" called "Plizzanet Earth" where he narrated wildlife footage featuring everything from tree frogs and squirrels doing some X-rated activities, to otters and "flamingos" in their fight for survival.

His musings are pretty much in line with what a good amount of us are probably thinking when we tune into the real "Planet Earth": "What is these animals?"

Snoop Dogg himself has seen the posting and seems to be all for it.

Many are saying this could be a prime opportunity "Planet Earth" to reach out to a niche, reefer loving audience.

The petition has nearly 33,000 signatures already.

Now we've just got to wait on BBC to give the people what they want.

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