02/01/2016 01:40 EST | Updated 02/02/2016 06:59 EST

World's Largest Snowball Fight Record Broken By Saskatoon

Ready, set, snowball!

The citizens of Saskatoon came together Sunday afternoon to try and take home the Guinness World Record for the largest snowball fight.

Roughly 8,200 people showed up in Saskatoon's Victoria Park which beats the previous record holder Seattle, Wash., who had just 5,834 people participate.

In order for the record to count each participant has to throw at least one snowball and the fight had to last at least one minute. Saskatoon's fight actually went on for much longer, according to CBC.

Even though the numbers add up, Guinness World Records still has to review the attempt to make sure it was a legitimate win.

As event organizers have already revealed the registration of well over 8,000 people, we think it's safe to applaud Saskatoon for their community spirit.

Watch the video above to find out more.

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