02/02/2016 09:51 EST | Updated 02/02/2016 09:59 EST

Naheed Nenshi Appears On '22 Minutes' To Sell Energy East Pipeline

Montreal isn't quite sold on the Energy East pipeline.

So Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi is looking further east — to Halifax, where CBC's "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" is taped.

Nenshi appeared on the sketch comedy show on Tuesday to talk the controversial pipeline that was recently opposed by Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre and several other mayors from the area.

"22 Minutes" posted a clip from Nenshi's appearance to Facebook:

Naheed Nenshi joins Mark Critch to talk about the Energy East Pipeline. See the refined interview Tuesday at 8:30pm (9NT) on Your CBC TV!

Posted by This Hour Has 22 Minutes on Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Nenshi illustrates the project's benefits by jokingly building a pipeline from CBC's Calgary studio to the "22 Minutes" stage in Halifax.

Into the pipeline he puts a jar of Alberta bitumen — and magically, money comes out the other side.

The clip later takes a shot at Montreal when "22 Minutes" actor Mark Critch puts a Canadiens jersey in the pipeline. You can discover for yourself what comes out on Nenshi's end.

It was a light take on a cross-country conflict that has seen Nenshi and other politicians go head-to-head with Coderre over Energy East.

It's a project that, if approved, would take 1.1 million barrels of oil from Alberta to refineries in Eastern Canada every day, before being shipped out of a terminal in New Brunswick.

Nenshi said the pipeline is undergoing a "rigorous science-based process" administered by the National Energy Board, and that it deserves a chance to prove its safety and merits.

Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson, meanwhile, said that politicizing the project "is not good for the country."

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