02/02/2016 12:24 EST

Chill Raccoon Rides Toronto Subway During Rush Hour

This little one was spotted riding the rocket during rush hour.

Torontonians may have been busy on Tuesday worrying about the fate of their forecast from groundhogs, but as it turns out, another furry creature was getting all the attention on transit.

During Tuesday morning's rush hour commute, a raccoon was spotted both on the TTC's Spadina subway tracks, as well as the train itself.

The raccoon, which is having a bit of a celebrity moment on Twitter, was seen strolling around sniffing commuter's shoes and even minding the gap before entering the train. And as expected, there's already a dedicated Twitter account.

Some Twitter users even made memes.

Including one of our video editors.

According to CTV Toronto and TTC spokesperson Brad Ross, the raccoon incident did cause a four-minute delay. However, they are still unsure how the raccoon got onto the tracks in the first place.

And we all know the city has an obsession with raccoons — both good and bad. Last summer, residents even created a memorial for one dead raccoon who was found on the sidewalk. (RIP Conrad).

This nameless subway raccoon was last seen going into the tunnels. And yes, we too are wondering, how much did this raccoon pay to get on the TTC?


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