02/03/2016 12:55 EST | Updated 02/04/2016 01:59 EST

H&M Billboard In NYC Features Sikh Models In Turbans

The Swedish retailer continues to acknowledge and embrace diversity.

Last year, H&M made headlines for all the right reasons thanks to its Close The Loop campaign.

The game-changing commercial, featured models of all races and body types, including hijab-wearing Muslim model Mariah Idrissi.

The ad also featured eleven Sikh men in suits and multicoloured turbans. Those men, as Twitter user Khaled Bey has noticed, are now prominently featured on a billboard above an H&M store in New York City.

The image, which Mic shared on Instagram, sees the men looking dapper in their suits, ties, pocket squares and turbans.

And it seems as though people are pretty happy with the representation.

"Punjabi pride," comments one user on Mic's post.

"Hella fine!" adds another.

And Twitter users are having the same reaction:

It's nice to see the Swedish retailer continuing to acknowledge and embrace diversity!

You can check out the Close The Loop ad below:

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