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Homer Simpson-Stormtrooper Cake By Letterpress Bakery Looks D'oh-Licious

This is one cake that Homer Simpson himself would be looking for.

Vancouver baker/designer Kylie Mangles of Letterpress Bakery released a video that showed the process of creating a "Stormtrooper Homer" cake just over a month ago.

The concoction combined "Star Wars" with one of the funniest animated characters of all time.

The cake was inspired by the art of Ephin Cozmo, who produced this piece:

And from there grew an idea for an incredible cake that is now seeing coverage from international outlets such as Mashable.

Mangles, who works with Letterpress Bakery, baked the cake using tangerine-infused, milk chocolate ganache.

The process was filmed by Capture the Moment Media, a company that specializes in wedding videos.

As for the final product — there's no doubt it would have Homer doing this:

In December, Mangles told The Langley Advance that she spent as many as 70 or 80 hours making the cake.

The arms, she said, were the most difficult to pull off — one had to be held up by a threaded rod.

But this isn't the first complicated cake that Mangles has produced.

She also made a cake of "Simpsons" character Ralph Wiggum that showed off his insides for a contest that took place in 2014.

Here are more photos of "Stormtrooper Homer" from Letterpress Bakery's Instagram:

#BTS of #stormtrooper homer's head, made out of Tasty Tatooine Tangerine cake, before he got covered up. #starwars #cakedecorating

A photo posted by Letterpress Bakery (@letterpressbakery) on

I give you... Stormtrooper Homer Simpson! #theforceawakens

A photo posted by Letterpress Bakery (@letterpressbakery) on

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