02/03/2016 01:58 EST | Updated 02/04/2016 09:59 EST

McDonald's Kale Salad Has More Calories Than A Double Big Mac

It's just 10 calories shy of matching a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

Salads are healthy, right? Well, if it's McDonald's Keep Calm, Caesar On kale salad, that answer might actually be no.

The new McDonald's salad, which is made with baby kale, bacon, Parmesan, garlic croutons and crispy chicken comes in at 520 calories, 1,140 mg of sodium and 31 g of fat without dressing. Add on the Asiago Caesar Pure Kraft Dressing and those numbers go up to a whopping 730 calories, 1,400 mg of sodium and 45 g of fat — more than a Double Big Mac and just 10 calories shy of a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese!

And while keeping an eye on calories is always a good idea, the real concern with consuming fast food is high sodium intake.

The World Health Organization recommends consuming two grams of sodium daily with a limit of 2.3 g, although experts say the human body only requires 500 mg of sodium per day to function normally.

The salads aren't the only salty items on McDonald's menu. Last month the company made headlines for the salt content of their Canadian French fries, which have a 35 per cent increase in sodium compared to the French fries in the United States.

If you're in search of healthier options at McDonald's, check out the slideshow below for suggestions from some Canadian registered dietitians.

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