02/03/2016 01:50 EST | Updated 02/03/2016 01:59 EST

OJ Simpson Kids: Vintage Kris And Bruce Jenner Interview Reminds Us What Was Important During The Trial


The O.J. Simpson trial was one that captured America’s attention in 1994. While the crime involved the murder of Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole Brown and friend Ronald Goldman, the case affected so many, especially the Simpson children.

With the release of a new TV drama chronicling the case, a vintage interview of Brown’s best friend Kris Jenner and then-husband Bruce (who is now Caitlyn) resurfaced. The footage reminds us just how much the trial changed the lives of the Simpson kids forever.

Sydney and Justin Simpson were just six and nine years old when their mother was murdered. In the “Good Morning America” interview with the Jenners, Kris spoke about how the kids were coping. “I think the kids are good,” she said. “I think they are adjusting as well as they can for the situation that they're in.”

Kris went on to explain that she didn’t see the Simpson kids as often as when Nicole was alive. However she and her own kids, whom she had with ex-husband Robert Kardashian, one of O.J. Simpson's lawyers, were still keeping in touch.

Later in the interview, Bruce added that “it’s tough enough on the adults… but there’s a lot of kids that are involved here, too.” Here, Bruce is referring to the Simpson kids, as well as his step-children, who were close with the Simpson family.

“[These are] young people who are growing up knowing that the person they used to call Uncle O.J. and Aunty Nicole, they’re gone. Their lives changed immediately,” he continued.

Watch the full interview above to hear the Jenners explain how the O.J. Simpson trial deeply affected the Simpson and Kardashian kids.

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