02/04/2016 02:07 EST | Updated 02/04/2016 02:59 EST

Ben And Jerry's Vegan Ice Cream Is Available -- Just Not In Canada

Vegan food lovers (and others who can't digest dairy) across North America celebrated this week with the news that Ben & Jerry's would finally release ice cream flavours made with non-animal products. Canadians who fall into these categories, mind you, will have to wait a little while longer to try them out.

"Unfortunately they are not available in Canada yet," a spokesperson for the company told The Huffington Post Canada.

While Ben & Jerry's ice cream is sold across the country, there has long been a discrepancy between what we and our southern neighbours get to eat.

The new flavours are non-dairy takes on pre-existing options, which will now be made with almond milk. And yes, your favourite could just be included — there's Chunky Monkey (chocolate and banana), Chocolate Fudge Brownie (self-explanatory), Coffee Caramel Fudge (as above) and P.B. & Cookies (chocolate sandwich cookie bits mixed with peanut butter).

There is some good news, though — Canadians are actually allowed to bring ice cream over the border for personal use, up to 20 kilos of the stuff. Just make sure you're out of the country more than 24 hours .. and don't exceed the personal exemption amount.

Meanwhile, there are a few vegan ice cream options already available in Canada, like the PETA-approved Soy Dream frozen desserts, or the Cool Hemp Company's frozen desserts (in chocolate, maple or natural).

We'd also suggest checking out your local ice cream shop to see what they have on offer, since they might just be a bit more innovative with their flavours.

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