02/04/2016 02:04 EST | Updated 02/04/2016 05:59 EST

'Distressed' Toronto Raccoon Comforts Dead Raccoon

A "heartbroken" raccoon was seen trying to wake up its dead friend on a main road in Toronto recently.

In a video uploaded by YouTube user A Ka last weekend, a distressed raccoon is seen running towards and comforting another dead raccoon.

"The other [raccoon] stayed on the scene. It began running in circles and crying, almost oblivious to people and cars that gathered around. Then it approached its friend and began shaking it vigorously," Alec Khachatrian wrote on his YouTube page.

After the video was picked up by media sites like The Dodo, people began to question the raccoon's actions. Some YouTube users suggest the raccoon was trying to eat the dead one.

"It wasn't as if it was trying to eat the other one," Khachatrian told CBC News on Thursday. "That's my own interpretation, but it didn't seem aggressive — it was really, really in distress."

On Thursday, after reading through the comments, Khachatrian posted further updates on his YouTube page of what he saw, adding there were no bite marks, blood or signs of violence on the dead raccoon.

"Claiming that animals can't have emotional attachments and will always display opportunistic behaviour is a fallacy, and is just as wrong as anthropomorphizing them," he wrote.

Watch the video above to see for yourself.