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Beauty And Fashion Reviews From HuffPost Canada's Style Contributors

Courtesy of the HuffPost Canada's Style Contributors.

We trust the HuffPost Canada Style Contributors — beauty and fashion gurus from coast to coast, to translate Canadian and international trends. That hot new beauty collection? They tested and reviewed it before it hit shelves. The latest "it" item was hanging in their closets long before the buzz.

"The Weekly Review" is a roundup of the latest looks, trends and products they're loving. This week, they share their Valentine's Day looks, review a plus-size fitness line, and let us in on their favourite skincare products and tips. Check back each week for more reviews from the HuffPost Canada Style Contributors.

  • BEAUTY: How to make fine hair look thicker
    BEAUTY: How to make fine hair look thicker
    deniskomarov via Getty Images
    Caroline, Style On The Side: "While I have a lot of hair, it's actually quite fine. This means that with the wrong cut, it looks flat and lifeless. It has taken me a long time to figure this out, but now that I have, I'm able to have a more productive conversation with my stylist." Caroline shares her tips for making fine hair look fuller, here.
  • FASHION: Prada S/S 2017 Illustration By Elaine Kim
    FASHION: Prada S/S 2017 Illustration By Elaine Kim
    Draw A Dot.
    Marcus, Draw A Dot.: "I came across Elaine Kim's profile recently and immediately fell in love with her illustrations! This illustration is based on an outfit from the Prada S/S 2017 runway show. I am a fan of Elaine's illustration style, because it reminds me of the retro illustrations." Check out more fashion illustrations on Draw A Dot.
  • REVIEW: NYX Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette
    REVIEW: NYX Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette
    Canadian Beauty
    Henna, Canadian Beauty: "I've been skipping the blush for the last little while, simply because I got tired of what I had. But then this beautiful and well-made palette from NYX came my way and inspired me." Read Henna's full review, here.
  • OOTD: Shoulder robing
    OOTD: Shoulder robing
    Allure Of Simplicity
    Aney, Allure Of Simplicity: "Although I despise the cold weather, fall does have its perks, including being able to layer and wear my favourite coats. I wore this new navy jumpsuit from Zara, but cuffed the bottoms to help elongate my legs. I then threw my softest Zara knit coat over my shoulders." Find more style inspiration from Aney, here.
  • REVIEW: Mary Kay Runway Bold Fall 2016 Collection
    REVIEW: Mary Kay Runway Bold Fall 2016 Collection
    Kaitlyn Elisabeth Beauty
    Kaitlyn, Kaitlyn Elisabeth Beauty: "Now that fall has been around for a little while, I'm more tempted to start playing around with darker hues for my makeup. While I typically reach for plums and berries when the cooler weather sets in, Mary Kay's new fall line up actually focuses on dark golds, browns and blues." Kaitlyn reviews the collection, here.
  • FASHION: Rack-worthy FashionCAN looks
    FASHION: Rack-worthy FashionCAN looks
    Stephen-Thomas, STM: "In Canada, you can spend all your time choosing the right outfit just for it to go to waste buried under a coat. Well, these three make up for the loss of outfit, and have the power to turn heads and reel in a few compliments all on their own." Check out more of Stephen's top picks from FashionCAN, here.
  • REVIEW: Aveda's tulasāra skincare line
    REVIEW: Aveda's tulasāra skincare line
    The Grey Canvas
    Safinaaz, The Grey Canvas: "As I am getting ready for fall, I'm excited to add one extra step to my skin routine to help achieve that glow. It's natural and only takes five minutes every morning for one month to see dramatic results." Read Safinaaz's full review of Aveda's tulasāra line, here.
  • STYLE: A simple fall look
    STYLE: A simple fall look
    Kouture Kitten
    Kristina, Kouture Kitten: "Creating easy looks for fall is all about having pieces that you can turn to and throw on with ease, while still looking neat and put together. Here are three items you need to create an effortless fall look." See how Kristina's look turned out, here.
  • INTERVIEW: Braedon Basseo, Vocalist, Panicland
    INTERVIEW: Braedon Basseo, Vocalist, Panicland
    Carcia & Telly, HerCastleGirls: Tell us a bit about your fall wardrobe. What do you enjoy wearing once it gets chilly? Braedon Basseo: "I've been loving silk jackets with the embroidery on the back. I'm obsessed with jackets, so I have enough now to just wear all black underneath and switch up the jacket style every day." Read the full interview, here.

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