02/05/2016 05:13 EST | Updated 02/09/2016 10:59 EST

Jason Kenney's Twitter Handle Is NOT @JasonKenney. But @JasonKenney Is Cool About It.


For a long time now, Jason Kenney's name has put him closer to Canadian politics than most Americans.

That's because the Richmond, Va. resident shares it with Conservative MP Jason Kenney. But it's also because he beat the politician to the @jasonkenney Twitter handle.

His username means that almost any time Kenney has been singled out for criticism, @jasonkenney takes more than a few attacks.

Like when the Canadian Kenney made his "English to English" remark about Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan:

When he talked about, "People like Nenshi."

Or when he praised a child's "unaccented English":

But the American Kenney, who works as communications manager at the World Pediatric Project, is pretty chill about the whole thing, if an interview with CBC News is anything to go by.

"The confusion has been happening for a lot longer than social media," he told the network.

"More than a decade ago I got an email from this sweet lady who was asking if I could speak to her church group. I said I was flattered but I was probably the wrong guy because I was quite a few thousand miles away."

U.S. Kenney has tweeted that he and his Canadian counterpart share more in common than just a name.

And he has also managed to keep a sense of humour about the confusion:

He's even taken a shot at a (former) Canadian himself:

Kenney said that he and the MP have talked at times, with the latter saying he's sorry for "bringing disrepute to the name."

But the confusion persists nonetheless. It comes from Liberal MPs ...

Former Conservative candidates ...

And provincial politicians.

It can't be easy to open up one's Twitter and find users attacking you.

But this Kenney has clearly found good ways of coping.

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