02/05/2016 10:51 EST | Updated 02/09/2016 10:59 EST

Which One Is The Mom: This Viral Photo Has Internet Confused

A photo of a mother and her twin daughters has left the Internet baffled. Everyone is wondering: Which one is the mom?

Last week, Kaylan Mahomes of Indianapolis posted the car selfie to Twitter, saying: “Mom, twin and me.” But the trio look more like triplets than mother and daughters.

Since being posted, the family photo has gone viral with over 19,000 retweets and 31,000 likes.

So which one is the mom? The Internet was stumped. One social media user said the lady in the middle had to be the mother because the two on the outside were “obviously” twins. Another guessed that the two on the right were the twins because they “have the same teeth as well as eyebrows.”

Two days after posting the original snap, Mahomes posted a video of the trio on Twitter giving us a clue as to which one was her mother. “My mom thought it was a pic,” she wrote.

In the short clip, the two twins on the right burst out in laughter as their mom on the left realizes she’s being videotaped.

For those still confused about which one is the mom, Mahomes confirmed on Twitter:

Since Mahomes’ photo went viral, the twin started an Instagram account to post more photos of “my mom, my twin, and me.” In just two days, the account has already gained over 9,000 followers. Clearly these youthful ladies are superstars!


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