02/08/2016 11:13 EST

Jose Bautista's Blue Jays Super Bowl Party Was Way Comfier Than Your Super Bowl Party

The team that watches together, wins together.

The Toronto Blue Jays don't just love baseball — they love sports, and probably Beyonce too.

Which is why Jose Bautista got the team together to host a party in celebration of Super Bowl 50, complete with matching outfits.

In a picture posted on social media by pitcher Marcus Stroman, key members of the boys in blue are shown lounging in Bautista's kickass apartment during the Sunday night game:

All reppin' one(sie) thing.

A photo posted by Marcus Stroman (@mstrooo6) on

Including Stoman, Ryan Goins, Kevin Pillar, Aaron Sanchez, Chris Colabello and Devon Travis, as well as batting coach Bobby Tewksbary and of course their host, this shot reminded us just how much we love this team, and how excited we are to watch them crack their bats again at the Rogers Centre come April 8.

In the wake of their stellar 2015 season, the Jays got plenty of attention for their team spirit, attributed to everything from Colabello's ability to cross the language barriers that usually exist between players and Bautista's humble love for the city (and of course, David Price's joie de vivre, but we won't go there right now).

As the most liked comment on Facebook put it, "This team spends off season together?? That is awesome ... You have to pick each other up. In that picture, you can feel the enjoyment and respect they have for one another. GO Jays."

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