02/08/2016 06:30 EST | Updated 02/08/2016 06:59 EST

These Are The Books The Oscar-Nominated Movies Are Based On

The Oscars are coming — and even if you don't have any intention of watching, you know you'll find yourself in a conversation about them at some point. So what should you do? We say, read the books.

Unsurprisingly, plenty of Oscar-nominated movies this year are based off books, because Hollywood is really good at "adapting" things (like, for instance, movies that in no way need remakes).

Thanks to our friends at Indigo, we've discovered there are 10 books on which the Oscar-nominated flicks for 2016 are based — and while Hollywood is starting to give the publishing houses a run for their money with crafting stories that are as good as what's on the page, we always like going back to the source material.

The book shop also has a page dedicated to past Oscar winners, should you be inclined to take a trip down memory lane.

Take a look at this year's selection below.

Oscar-Nominated Books