02/08/2016 04:02 EST | Updated 02/08/2016 04:59 EST

Vancouver Firefighters Bring Dog Back To Life After House Fire

vancouver dog fire

VANCOUVER - A Vancouver family's pet dog is expected to survive after being rescued from a burning home.

Crews were called to a house in East Vancouver around midnight Sunday when the homeowners returned to find smoke coming out of a second floor window.

Firefighters found a dog inside the building suffering from smoke inhalation, and modified an oxygen mask to fit the animal's face.

vancouver dog fire

Batt. Chief Peter Bridge says firefighters originally thought the dog was dead, but spent more than 20 minutes trying to revive the animal.

Eventually the dog came around, which Bridge says was "quite surprising."

The dog is being cared for by a local vet and is expected to be OK. (CTV News)

Vancouver Firefighters Save Dog From Burning House