02/09/2016 08:07 EST | Updated 02/09/2016 08:59 EST

Audi Super Bowl Ad Gets An Old Space Astronaut Fired Up Again

After outer space, then what? It's a fair question. For what on earth could match the thrill of space exploration?

Audi's new Commander Super Bowl commercial has an obvious answer: The Audi R8, of course.

The clip features an aging astronaut, whom we know is such from flashback clips of his space missions, which appear to be set in the 1960s. The commander, who looks a little bit like real-life astronaut Buzz Aldrin, sits forlornly, refusing to eat, until his son appears to take him for a ride in the new Audi R8. Better yet, Dad gets to drive.

In a flash, the old commander is revitalized by the thrilling ride. The car doesn't fly, but it has certainly boosted the gentleman's spirits. And the ad is set to David Bowie's "Starman," which is always a plus.

Watch the Super Bowl ad above.

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