02/09/2016 11:51 EST | Updated 02/09/2016 11:59 EST

The Best And Worst Foods To Order On A Date

Just because it's an aphrodisiac doesn't mean it's romantic.

With Valentine's day quickly approaching, you're either scrambling to make reservations or you're putting the finishing touches on a menu to make at home. But regardless of whether you're dining in or eating out, a romantic date requires eating the best date foods just as much as it does finding the perfect setting.

No matter where you are or how you're dressed, it's hard to look sexy while your face is covered in barbecue sauce. And even though it looked romantic in "Lady and the Tramp," slurping up spaghetti noodles isn't sweet either. Even well-known aphrodisiacs like oysters can be a turn-off, thanks to their slimy texture.

Fortunately, in the slideshow below, we list 20 of the best and worst date foods to help you navigate your dinner menu with ease.

What foods do you avoid on dates? Let us know in the comments below.

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