02/09/2016 10:55 EST | Updated 02/09/2016 11:59 EST

Josh Donaldson Signs Two-Year Contract With Blue Jays Worth $29 Million

The Toronto Blue Jays avoided an arbitration hearing by signing the Josh Donaldson, the American League's MVP, to a two-year contract worth $29-million (U.S.), according to Sportsnet.

The news comes just a week before the hearing date, that was submitted over a $450,000 difference between the Jays' contract offer of $11.35-million and Donaldson's request of $11.8-million.

The popular Blue Jay, known by his Twitter handle, Bringer of Rain, is one of several high-profile Jays looking to score new deals in the ensuing weeks. Team leader Jose Bautista expressed recently that he wants to be a Blue Jay for the rest of his career.

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