02/09/2016 04:32 EST | Updated 02/09/2016 04:59 EST

Momo Twins: We're Obsessed With This Adorable Duo


Whoever said twins were double the trouble clearly forgot they’re also double the cute. We recently came across an Instagram account for a pair of six-month-old twins and now we cannot. Stop. Obsessing.

Everything from their matching outfits to their chubby cheeks is just too much! Take a look for yourself.

Leia and Lauren's Instagram account was created when they were born. Since then, they have amassed over 72,000 followers, making them instant stars.

On Sunday, their mom Amber Yong posted a photo of the baby girls celebrating the Lunar New Year, in adorable matching ensembles no less!

The twins’ fans were quick to gush all over them. Hilariously, the photo even prompted some users to talk about having more kids. “Are you sure you don't want anymore?” one user wrote to her friend. “How cute are these babies!”

Another commented: “Omg I want one.”

On Instagram, Leia and Lauren are described as “MoMo” twins. This is a short form for monoamniotic-monochorionic, which means they are identical twins who shared the amniotic sac and placenta in their mother's uterus. According to About Health, these types of twins are rare and occur in just one per cent of twin pregnancies.

Brown bears spotted in the kitchen! Bear hugs, anyone? #bearsighting #oraretheyewoks

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Mom Yong explained on her blog that the twins were born premature due to this condition. “At the risk of serious cord entanglement, they were born at 32 weeks at 1.5kg each,” she wrote.

She also shared a video of the twins’ first 100 days to show how far they've come and grown. “We hope this video gives faith and inspiration to those parents with preemies and that the dark days do pass quickly, and happy (noisy) days shall prevail,” Yong said.

It’s clear from the twins’ Instagram account that they've come a long way and are now happy, healthy and more adorable than ever.


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