02/09/2016 01:35 EST | Updated 02/10/2016 10:59 EST

Weird Baby Names: Most Random Names Americans Have Given Their Kids

Baby is actually on the list.

Evan Kafka via Getty Images
Baby staring forward

It’s no surprise that some parents want their children’s names to be unique. But while original names can be quite beautiful (hello Annavieve!), others turn out to be just plain odd.

The U.S. in particular has introduced us to some rather unusual monikers. This is because the country has very few baby naming laws, which means parents can name their kids just about anything. Depending on the state, the most common naming restrictions include having no numbers, special characters or obscenities.

In 2014, Noah and Emma were the reigning names in the U.S., followed by Liam and Olivia, and then Mason and Sophia. While these monikers are nothing out of the ordinary, we did find quite a few surprising name choices when going through U.S. Social Security data.

Here we present to you the most random names Americans gave their babies in 2014. Each of the 20 girl and boy names below were given to five babies in that year.

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