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Women Share How They Reach Multiple Orgasms In New Study

47 per cent of women have experienced double (or triple) the pleasure.

For some, it's just a notion and for others it's part of their sex lives, but research suggests anyone can achieve multiple orgasms with the right techniques.

According to recent studies by OMGYES, a San Francisco-based website dedicated to erasing taboos around women's sexual pleasure, 47 per cent of women have reported multiple orgasms with their partners.

The studies, which were conducted with research from over 1,000 women with Indiana University School of Public Health, interviewed women about techniques, sexual journeys and what they wished their partners knew about female pleasure. All of the findings have been turned into a how-to guide in 47 episodes about female pleasure on the site.

Lydia Daniller, co-founder of OMGYES says the site wanted to be a space that could be both personal and experiential.

"Our research shows people learn things either based on their own experience or personal insight through friends," she tells The Huffington Post Canada. "We wanted to create something that was personal, engaging and close to real life as possible."

In these studies, women said the secret to getting that second orgasm was all about modifying earlier techniques. Less direct contact with the clitoris (including touching surrounding areas or the hood), slower motions and less pressure all helped women receive a second big O.

Each episode is a video experience, with touchable options and topics that cover everything from masturbation to partner pleasure.

"The taboo that makes people uncomfortable seeing women’s anatomy is the same one that has kept women’s pleasure so secret for so long," the site notes. "We think people are ready for an honest, clear-headed look at the details that make all the difference."

The studies also found many participants didn't think they or their partners could have multiple orgasms, adding their genitals would be too sensitive after the first orgasm for further pleasure.

Multiple orgasms in general (of course, everyone is different), don't always happen one after the other, Everyday Health reports, but with continued stimulation, many women are able to achieve them.

The studies also reported women who had multiple orgasms treated their bodies as "new bodies" after the first one.

"What works for the first orgasm doesn't always work for the next," Daniller says. "If you pause and take the same time to explore yourself and treat your body with different likes and dislikes, you can usually find out what works for you."


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