02/10/2016 09:25 EST | Updated 02/11/2016 09:59 EST

Girl Feeds Bull Elk In Parc Omega, Que. This Is Canada At Its Cutest.

Canada has rarely looked more adorable than it did when a little girl named Lana made friends with a bull elk on a family trip last weekend.

The two-and-a-half-year-old from Montreal was visiting Parc Omega, a drive-through nature park about an hour from the city, when the car was suddenly surrounded by animals.

Her father, David Freiheit, gave Lana a carrot to hand off to an elk when it came close.

The animal, whose head was about the size of Lana's entire body, stuck its face right into the car.

"That's a cow," the delighted toddler said.

Not quite, but still very cute.

Freiheit shared a pair of videos of the encounter on YouTube this week.

He told CBC News that he was astounded at how gentle the animals were, despite their size.

"There were stags, deer, goats with huge antlers," Freiheit told the network. "Those elk were surprisingly big, with eyeballs the size of a small baseball ... or a clementine. They were more docile than any animal I've ever seen."

Parc Omega is home to several species, including moose and white-tailed deer — which means there's plenty of potential for more cute encounters between kids and Canadian wildlife.

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