02/11/2016 06:16 EST | Updated 02/11/2016 06:59 EST

Calgary City Council Valentines Inject A Little Love Into Municipal Politics

Do municipal politics set your sweetie's heart aflutter?

Then these Valentine's Day cards, created by Calgarian Alyssa Moore, are made for you.

Moore, a policy analyst in the tech industry by trade, might have a true calling in the punny, political card industry (if that's a thing) instead.

Moore put together the witty cards for each member of Calgary's city council, and sent them out one by one on Twitter.

Check out the witty, Calgary City Hall-themed Valentine's Day cards below:

Other city hall regulars weren't spared. Jason Markusoff, a Calgary-based journalist, got a card of his own, too.

You can view a full album of Moore's Valentine's here.

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