02/11/2016 01:43 EST | Updated 02/11/2016 01:59 EST

The Meaning Behind The Colour Of Your Valentine's Day Flowers

There's so much more to flowers than red roses.

We're not entirely sure how a holiday that takes place in the middle of February became the number one date to give fresh flowers to loved ones, but Valentine's Day is intrinsically associated with bouquets and buds.

Alright, we have some idea — flowers, of course, are traditionally given to symbolize love, and even if you're in the midst of Canada's frostiest season, it's possible to find blooms cut exactly to your specifications (thank you, Colombia). What you may not know, even if you give flowers out on the regular, is the hidden meanings behind the colours you choose.

You're likely aware that red means love, or passion, but with so many options beyond red roses, this might be the year you discover a whole new way to show your emotions via petals.

“The beauty of flowers as a Valentine’s Day gift is that they can easily be personalized depending on how you want to make someone feel,” says Dejan Kristan, marketing director at Flowers Canada based in Ontario. “You want to send out the right message to your Valentine, whether it's ‘I love you’, ‘I care for you’, or simply, ‘you are a great friend’.”

So in honour of Feb. 14, Kristan went through the various options for colours and flowers to give — check them out, no matter what you're celebrating.

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