02/12/2016 12:36 EST | Updated 11/22/2016 04:27 EST

Birth Photography That Captures Moments Of Pure Love

Agony, exhaustion, determination and fear followed by relief, joy and love -- birth photography captures all the emotions and moments of your child's entry into this world. But perhaps the most special is the very first time parents meet their baby.

In honour of Valentine's Day and the purest love of all -- the love parents have for their children, we found birth photos that captured that magical moment.

We hope these fill your heart to the brim.

That moment you first meet. #birthphotography #birth #vbac #columbusdoula #columbusohiophotographer #jennelfnerbirth #jennelfnerphotography

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The happiness of a successful VBAC! Such a beautiful moment to witness ❤️ #lindseywelchphotography #frederickmdphotographer #birthphotography

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Welcome to the world <3 #birthday #birthphotography #letthekids #light #canon #britishcolumbiaphotographer #newlife

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Seeing their baby girl's face for the first time. #birthphotography

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And this never ever gets old.

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"A midwife must posses the hands of a lady, the eyes of a hawk, and the heart of a lion" I love this quote so much. As some of you may know, the incredible midwife in this photo, tending to this brand new baby, is my mother. She has been a home birth midwife here in Nashville TN for many years, and I am her trusty assistant. We have been attending births together for a few years now, and it is truly amazing. There is something so magical about witnessing a woman become a mother along side my own mother. Being able to see the love a mother has for her baby on a regular bases humbles me daily, and makes me appreciate all the sacrifices my own mother has made for me. We have always had a close bond, but by doing this work together it has strengthened that bond into something truly unbreakable. I get to see her love, her passion and her skill all the time, and I couldn't be more proud of her. She has truly earned the title of Midwife, and posses "the hands of a lady, the eyes of a hawk, and the heart of a lion". AND I GET TO CALL HER MOM!!!

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Every contraction, very bit of discomfort, every moment of pan... It led to this moment. And it was all worth it. #birthphotography

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