02/12/2016 11:32 EST

The 5 Valentine's Day Social Media Posts You Will Inevitably See

Remember, it's mostly an illusion.

Happy Valentine's Day — now get ready to start clicking all those hearts on Instagram, because you know you're about to be inundated with opinions on Feb. 14, whether they're cute, annoying or straight up bitter.

There's something about Valentine's Day — which, admittedly, has very little in the way of culture to back it up — that brings out the exhibitionist in so many of us.

In the video above, HuffPost Canada has done our best to break down the five main types of posts you'll see on Facebook, Instagram, and maybe Twitter on V-day. Ranging from completely egocentric to completely posed (and alright, a few moments of sweetness in there too), we think we've nailed just about every emotion you're likely to experience that day.

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