02/13/2016 05:05 EST | Updated 02/13/2016 05:59 EST

B.C. Teens Rescue Mountie From Mangled Cruiser

The pair used snow to put out the engine fire after helping the officer escape.

Two teens from a small town in northeastern B.C. didn't think twice about rushing to help when an RCMP cruiser flipped into a telephone pole earlier this week.

Kaiden McGowan, 16, and Tanner Merrick, 17, were eating dinner with McGowan's parents in Pouce Coupe on Tuesday when they heard a truck roaring down the road outside.

"It was really loud," McGowan told The Huffington Post B.C. "Then they blew past my house with the cops right behind them."

Next thing you know, the power went out.

"We saw the whole power line wiggle, and there was a big light up the road," said the teen.

"I thought for sure he was gonna be dead."

McGowan and Merrick rushed down the street and found a mangled RCMP cruiser on its side.

"We didn't think at all, we just ran over there as fast as we could," said McGowan.

"We knocked on the window and he didn't answer ... I thought for sure he was gonna be dead."

McGowan said there was a small fire burning on the engine, but that didn't worry him.

"I looked at the fire, looked around a bit, and saw that there was no fuel lines that were about to catch, so I knew we had time," said the teen, who said he often works on trucks and dirt bikes in his spare time.

Together, the teens pried open the crushed driver's side door, and the Mountie was able to pull himself out.

Once the officer was safe, McGowan and Merrick tossed some snow on the flames to put out the fire. The Mountie eventually used a fire extinguisher to finish the job.

The injured officer, who hasn't been identified by RCMP, thanked the boys and left after officials arrived. McGowan said he hasn't had a chance to talk to him since.

RCMP Cpl. Dave Tyreman said the officer was chasing a suspect and slid off the road after braking at an intersection.

As for the rescue, McGowan said it was an interesting way to end dinner.

"My parents called me after, like, 15 minutes to see what was going on. They were pretty shocked."

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