02/14/2016 02:31 EST | Updated 02/14/2016 02:59 EST

Slam Dunk Contest Was The Most Epic Part Of All-Star Weekend.. So Far

In true Drake fashion, Zach LaVine went back-to-back, winning the Slam Dunk Contest for the second year in a row.

It was face off between four dunkers: Denver Nuggets' Will Barton, Detroit Pistons' Andre Drummond, Orlando Magic's Aaron Gordon and the reigning champ, Minnesota Timberwolves' Zach LaVine.

"There's a lot of superstars in this building, but this is the star of the show," one announcer quipped looking on the Verizon Slam Dunk Contest, and he could not be more right. Of all the skills competitions, from this year's NBA All-Star weekend, the dunk contest was a gem.

It came down to Gordon and LaVine who tied the third round, but then LaVine beat him out by just three points in the final sudden death round, winning with 100 points.

The 20-year-old guard was declared the slam dunk victor for the second year in a row, but Gordon was definitely a contender.

Still, LaVine took the it home in the end, his technique wowing the judges throughout the rounds. First came this single-handed behind-the-back reverse dunk.

And of course he finished with this one:

But like some of us, Toronto's very own Twitter-savvy city councillor, Norm Kelly, was strictly here for the reaction GIFs.

As LaVine made the dunk that won him the contest, his teammates on the Timberwolves couldn't contain themselves and bolted onto the court.


And time and time again, Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns gave us priceless reaction, after priceless reaction.

Really, everyone in the place was dumbfounded for the whole night:

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