02/15/2016 10:07 EST | Updated 02/15/2017 05:12 EST

Winnipeg Girl Allegedly Shot With Stolen RCMP Gun Launches Lawsuit

Rolf Hicker via Getty Images
WINNIPEG — A Winnipeg teen who was allegedly shot with a Mountie's stolen gun has filed a lawsuit.

Calli Vanderaa was 16 when she was hit outside a Mac's convenience store last October.

She underwent surgery after the bullet pierced her lungs, colon and spleen.

She and her father have filed the lawsuit against the officer and the RCMP.

The girl's lawyer, Robert Tapper, says the gun was left in the back seat of a vehicle and was not secured.

The allegations have not been proven in court.

"She suffered immensely as a result of this shooting, and it’s a shooting that should have never occurred," said Tapper.

"It’s mind-boggling to think that an officer would leave a firearm in the back seat of a car in a completely non-secure environment. They know very well that if a gun like that is stolen, harm is going to befall somebody."


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