02/15/2016 04:20 EST | Updated 02/18/2016 09:59 EST

Winnipeg Police's 'Just Slow Down' Ad Looks Like It's Over. Then It Shocks You.

The Winnipeg Police Service's "Just Slow Down" campaign is into its eighth year, and time hasn't lessened its impact.

The police released a video titled "Collateral Damage" last week in an attempt to warn drivers to slow down — especially when it's snowy out.

Four people appear in the ad: a father taking his son to a hockey game in one car, and a couple in another.

The vehicles collide, and paramedics show up to help. All looks to be under control ... and then something else happens.

It's an effective and disturbing ad, and it bears some similarities to last year's shocking "Charlie's Loss" video.

The Winnipeg police say about 35 accidents happen on city streets every day, and two-thirds of them happen at intersections.

Faster speeds, they say, "exponentially increase vehicle damage and the seriousness of injuries in a collision."

And those accidents happen even more in the winter.

If these ads can't convince drivers to slow down, then it's tough to imagine what will.

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