02/16/2016 04:03 EST | Updated 02/21/2016 04:59 EST

Retro Baby Names We'll Be Seeing More Of In 2016

It’s only February, but already we’re seeing baby name trends on the rise.

It’s only February, but we're already seeing baby name trends on the rise. Retro baby names in particular are gaining more traction in 2016.

Vintage names have always been popular among parents because of their nostalgia and meaning. However, since new moms and dads today are constantly looking for unique names for their kids, monikers that were once popular hundreds of years ago are now more appealing than ever.

With this in mind, Bustle looked at baby name data from various sites to determine which retro baby names are making a comeback in 2016. Here’s what they found:

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According to Nameberry, there are also a number of vintage names that are likely to make a comeback this year, but haven’t just yet. These include old names such as Agnes and Homer, as well as vintage-sounding names such as Flora and Leopold. Clearly retro baby names are coming back in a big way.