02/17/2016 04:05 EST | Updated 02/18/2016 10:59 EST

John Scott Movie Might Actually Happen

From bottom-of-the-league enforcer, to MVP at the NHL's All-Star Game, John Scott has quite the Cinderella story.

Now, it looks like that story might actually be turned into a movie.

Scott addressed the rumours about a possible film with Sportsnet590 radio host Dean Blundell Wednesday morning.

The Edmonton-born hockey player said a writer called him before the All-Star Game and with the idea, but confirmed a movie was definitely in the works after the game.

As for who would play him? Scott said he wouldn't play himself, but "the guy from 'Goon,' would be perfect."

The athlete was likely talking about Liev Schrieber, who played enforcer "Ross 'The Boss' Rhea" in the 2011 Canadian comedy about hockey.

Scott couldn't give a timeline for the movie, but said the project would ideally move forward while the NHL All-Star event is still fresh in everyone's minds.

For now, the defenceman plays with the St. John's IceCaps in the AHL. He was traded there after fans voted him captain of the NHL's Pacific Division for the All-Star Game.

Listen to an excerpt from Scott's interview below:

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